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The EASY Way to Write a Brilliant Novel
by Rob Parnell

Do you forever DREAM that one day
you will have enough
TIME, energy and commitment
... to write a novel?

Dream No More!

If you truly aspire to be a best-selling author, this highlypopular, proven and acclaimed new writing system is all you will ever need - guaranteed!

Because writing compelling and profitable fiction can be fast and fun - especially if you do it The Easy Way!

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What's important to you?

  • Do you yearn for the prestige, acclaim and RICHES that go with authorship?

  • Or do you simply want to be able to FINISH that darn novel!?!

  • Would you like to know all the tricks and strategies of the professionals - without having to spend YEARS learning them!

  • How about discovering how to be talented, artistic - even a GENIUS!

Rob Parnell teaches writers to think in a different perspective. This is what makes this ebook different from all the others. A new concept, (the ebook) is not only highly informative and educational but is also clear, simple and practical. 

Parnell teaches writers in a different way, using a completely innovative perspective...this book caters to all writers...

Liana Metal
Teacher and writer,


Important message from robparnell
Best-Selling Author of The Easy Way to Write

Dear Fellow Writer,

A month from now, you could have written a brilliant novel, full of excellent character, compelling action and an ingenious plot. Wouldn't your friends and family be totally amazed? Wouldn't you feel fantastic about it?

Sure you would!

And that's not all - with a good book to your name, a year from now you could be a published author. Imagine that - fame, money, respect, the ability to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted!

Does this sound like your dream come true? It doesn't have to be a dream. It's perfectly possible.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a book inside you that you've always wanted to write?

  • Are there events in your life you've always had a desire to write about?

  • Do you then tell yourself (wrongly!) that you don't have the time, the talent or the energy to write a whole book?

If so, then this ebook is for you!

Here's what an international literary agent has to say about the book:

Mr. Parnell's book "The Easy Way to Write a Novel" breaks new ground in the writer's help category. This book prepares your mind and body to write that elusive novel - and all in 30 days.

Here is a book that has clear and direct advice that lifts the reader to the level they wish to write at.

I am impressed with this book and have no problems recommending it to first time or well experienced authors... Good on you, Mr. Parnell, for producing a book just about every writer will need!

International Literary Agent
Robert N Stephenson

Because with step by step, no nonsense tips, techniques and simple strategies, this book will enable you to turn your most treasured dreams into reality.

  • You'll be able to turn on the tap to instant creativity.

  • You will gain the all important Author's Mindset!

  • You'll learn how to banish self doubt and lack of confidence.

  • You'll have access to all the tricks and skills of professional writers.

  • Best of all, whilst writing for no more than an hour or two a day, you'll be able to finish an entire novel - easily - in less than a month - guaranteed!

    Hi Rob

    I just thought I'd share this with you. This is proof that your system works!

    Not only have I got another 30000 words done, but yesterday, over lunch, I wrote the entire outline of my new novel. This was because of the work your book made me do before I started writing. Your book has helped me in ways I can't begin to express!

    Amanda Markham

Most people – even some professional writers - think that writing a novel is hard. That it’s something that requires dedication, talent and heaps of spare time. Amateurs think it’s something that only others can do. These are some of the most persistent myths that surround the writing process.

"The Easy Way to Write a Novel"
Explodes Those Myths!

In this brand new and original ebook, you get the FAC

Based on uniquely valuable information gleaned from twenty-five years of writing and working with hundreds of writers, artists, screenwriters, agents, producers, directors, managers and publishers, I promise this ebook will take you on an exciting journey.

It's a frank and thorough manual to success. You will learn how to write fast and well – and easily - in fact, probably faster and better than you ever thought possible!

Even if you’re a professional, this book contains information that will simply blow you away! You’ll wonder why writing ever seemed so hard. I guarantee it!

Never before on the Net, in one volume, have so many tips, tricks and secrets been laid bare. If you aspire to be a published author – or just want to finish your first novel, there is simply no other book on writing that you need.

You Will Discover:

  • How to acquire an Author’s MINDSET - easily, quickly and without effort.

  • Writing Q.E.D. – Creating compelling fiction no-one can ignore!

  • The Trick to getting your reader to love your characters

  • Revolutionary F.A.S.T. Editing

  • The Six Killer Rules for writing any fiction.

  • The Ten Deadly Sins writers commit – so you don’t have to!

  • How to deal with Procrastination and dreaded Writer’s Block.

  • How to deal with Distractions – including family, friends and spouses!

  • Learn the Secret to Boundless Creativity

  • All the Tips, Tools and Techniques necessary for fast, faultless fiction!

  • All this and much, much more!

These facts would take you years to learn. Why take that valuable time?

It's All Here!

Now, I know what you’re going to say.

You’re going to object. You’re going to say that there can’t possibly be an easy way to write a novel. A whole novel? As in 80,000 to 100,000 words?

Well, I used to think the same way. I believed that there was some mystery to being an author. That it was something I wanted but maybe I could never achieve. I was terrified of the seemingly enormous task of writing a book.

But, let me tell you, I wish I’d had this book when I started out. That’s why I wrote it. It’s the book I would have most wanted to have by my side when I started writing.

A book that could have saved me years of hard earned experience!

Follow my teaching closely and you will not be disappointed. And I offer a full, no-quibble, money-back guarantee on that!

So – now you’re probably thinking - yeah, but how much is this going to cost me?

I asked some Internet Gurus about this. I wanted to get the price right. Some suggested the information was so valuable I should charge $250 to $300! I thought that was way too high. I want to help writers. I want even the most cash-strapped author to be able to have access to this incredible resource.

No. I definitely wanted to sell this for well under $100.

This is an important book – I believe unique. But I also wanted it to be the first of its kind that was affordable.

So, here’s the deal.

The actual price of this offer will soon be $97 - but as an introductory offer, I'm going to offer you a discounted price for a limited time only. This introductory offer will only be available for a short time.

But if you buy now – this very moment - the best writing book you will ever own will cost you just $47!

Wow. Now that’s the deal of a lifetime!

Especially as you'll be receiving these amazing bonuses!


Free membership to the Easy Way to Write Newsletter. A regular update on tips, techniques and strategies to improve your writing and to help you be better informed about the writing business. Also, there’ll be special reports from some of the industry’s most respected authors and businessmen – guaranteed. Get in the know! This bonus is only available to ebook purchasers ...a very popular resource!


Free 30 Day email coaching. That’s right. Whenever you decide to start your 30-day writing stint, I’ll be there. You can contact me by email at any time day or night. Just let me know when Day One is and, during office hours, I’ll answer any query or request as quickly and thoroughly as I can. Anything you want to know. Anything you need help with. Even if it’s just a pep talk – I’ll be there. This bonus is of incalculable value! And my customers always tell me how much they love it!


Free critique of your manuscript. At the end of the 30 days, just send me your manuscript via email and I’ll give you a thorough written critique – an honest and professional appraisal of its merit, worth and salability, complete with suggested markets. Many agencies charge $1000s for this service. I’m offering it to you for nothing – because your success is vitally important to me!


Free Proven Strategy to Getting Your Book PUBLISHED! This detailed report covers the whole process of submission to agents and publishers. It’s a great tool if you want to be taken seriously by the industry. This information is not available in such a concise and easy to follow format anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for – your novel is assured!

You simply can’t lose! You get all of the above and a full, no-quibble, money-back guarantee!

If, for any reason you are not completely satisfied that you have bought the most important writing book you’ve ever owned, just let me know within 90 Days of your order and I will refund you 100% of the purchase price, straightaway. It’s a promise.

Here’s how to order right now!

Click here to download your copy of the ebook. Once your credit card is approved by ClickBank's Secure Servers, you will be taken to a special page where you will be able to download the ebook and receive more information regarding the FREE bonuses.

Purchase Online with Credit Card
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Click here to download right now!
Anytime – night or day!

Within just a few moments, I promise you’ll be on the journey of a lifetime.

To your success,

Author and Freelance Writer

P.S. The introductory price of $47 – and all the incredible bonuses - is an “only while stocks last” offer. So act NOW!

P.P.S. Be honest: If you don’t do this now – will you ever get that novel written? If you've read this far, I think you really owe it to yourself to get this book.

Because unless you take this one small step, you’ll probably never know what it was like to write your own novel – easily and quickly. All you need is this ebook (and perhaps a little help from me!) to help and guide you through the process. Take the chance. I promise you won’t regret it.

Imagine what it will be like a month from now, telling people you’re a real live author! Or a year from now - when you get your book published!

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Click here!

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Phone 011 618 8278 6285
Email: rob@easywaytowrite.com

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