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"The Easy Way to Write
Your Own Autobiography"

Ever wanted to record your life for your kids, grandkids?

Ever wanted to tell your life story for fun, even profit?

Ever wanted to make sense of your life
through the written word?

NOW is your chance!

Whatever your level of expertise, I'll show how you can easily turn your life story into a manuscript to love and cherish, or even sell to publishers!

Please read this important message
from Rob Parnell, Easy Way to Write.

Dear Fellow Writer,

Life has a way of catching up with us. One moment we're living it up at the prime of our lives, carefree, full of joy at possibilities, the next, we wonder where all the time went!

We like to think we grow wiser, deeper and more informed as we age - so why is it nobody wants to listen to us?

It's about context.

We may have a lot of important, fascinating and profound things to say to people, based on our wealth of experience - but most times, it never seems quite appropriate to tell others how we think, what we've learned over the years, and how they might benefit from what we know.

Unless it's within the context of writing.

In the context of your own autobiography, you have free rein, You can entertain, entrall, dazzle and perhaps most of all, teach others the profound truths you have picked up on your journey through life.

Writing your own autobiography is not just about a dry recitation of facts about the events in your life, it's an opportunity to explore one of the most diverse and exciting of all subjects: YOU!

Everyone is unique. Everyone has a different perspective. Everyone has something important to say, to record for posterity. Most of all, I believe everyone has a right, perhaps even a duty to record their lives for the benefit of others.

Writing your own autobiography can be an immensely cathartic experience. For the first time in your life, you can look back and make sense of everything you've done, everything you've achieved. Even failure can teach you valuable lessons if you make the effort to catalogue your life into a meaningful story.

Along the way, you may even discover your true purpose, and how close you are to fulfilling your destiny - spiritually and materially.

Most of all, my teaching will make the process tremendous fun and perhaps one of the most rewarding projects you've ever taken on in your life.

Ask Yourself: Why Do I Want to Write My Autobiography?

Do you want the world to experience your loves and losses first hand? Do you want to tell the story of an ancient family fued, or forever unearth that dark secret from your past?

Do you want to tell the story of how you became rich and successful? How you fought the odds and won?

Or do you just want to relate your childhood - in all its wonder. Or to catalogue your experience of life during boom, bust, peace and wartime?

There are million different stories within you - tap into them now.

What this course will do for you:

You will discover,

* Life Mapping Techniques

* Decoding the Past - an Experiential Guide

* Manifesting Meaning - a Practical Guide

* How to Find Your Unique Voice

* How to Use Simple Relaxation to Benefit Self Exploration

* Dynamic Memory Marking - using a Journal to Open Blocks

* How to Create an Autobiography that a Reader Can't Put Down

* How to Use Interviews, Photos and Letters to Best Effect

* How to Use All *Six* Senses to Discover Lost Memories

* How to Structure an Autobiography so that it Reads like a Novel.

* And much, much more.

In this brand new and I believe totally unique look at writing your own autobiography, you will experience your life as an adventure, a journey to a sacred place that only you can know. And from that journey, that quest for meaning, you can begin to piece together a story that will beguile and amaze the generations that follow you.

Can you imagine how you'd feel if a distant relative of yours had written their life story 100, 200, even 500 years ago? Wouldn't it feel incredible to feel so connected to your unique heritage. Now project that feeling into the future. Can you imagine how proud and awed the next generations in your family will feel, knowing that you took the time to speak to them in your writing?

Take a few moments now to look at your own life.

What were the highs, the lows? What has life taught you? A little? A lot? So much you wouldn't know where to start, I'm betting! Don't worry, I'll show you how to properly analyze, assess and quantify the history and context of your life and introduce you to lots of easy ways to approach your autobiography.

Even if you've never written very much before I'll show how to write smooth and effective prose so that your text will sparkle! Writing life stories is not just about the facts, it's also about how you tell the story. During the course we'll also be studying the most effective ways of telling these stories too.

This magical four week course starts now.

Click here to begin and over the next month, week by week, you will receive:

Module One: Decoding Your Life
Research, Collecting Facts, Passive Remembering, Free Writing, Creating a Life-File, Discovering Your True Self and much more

Module Two: Structure and Content
Finding your Inner Theme, Morals, Lessons Learnt & Wisdom Acquired, Decading, Designing Your Life Template, Easy Writing Techniques

Module Three: Writing Your Autobio
Simple Tips and Techniques for Building a Manuscript. Fast and Free Writing, Time Allocation, Motivation Exercises, Show Don't Tell, POV

Module Four: Where to Now?
Perfecting Your MS, Print and Binding Tips, Publishing options, Creating a Legacy, Celebrating Your Achievement, Spreading the Word

Also with this course comes the opportunity to share your life writing experience with friends and co-writers in a members only Yahoo Group set up exclusively for this course. Share stories, learn from your peers, be motivated by others just like you, whom want to share their stories.

No matter what your age, there's a wealth of information in this brank new course that you need to get your hands on!

Click here to access this course for the special introductory (New Year) price of $27. (Full price $97) Now that's a bargain! 4 weeks full tuition for just $27! I must be crazy - actually I just want you be part of this very special event.

So, please, join me.

Rob Parnell

Click here to order now and take a fantastic journey
in and around your life!


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