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How to Stay Motivated With Your Writing
by Lee Masterson 

No matter what job you do, everyone has moments where motivation dries up. Writing is exactly the same. While your story is new, it’s fresh and exciting and you’re fired up ready to tackle the plot twists and character creations.

About a third of the way into your book, the story isn’t new any more and the writing has become just another chore to get through. It’s at this point that many writers give up and go off in search of that fresh, exciting feel of a different story to write.

What many of these writers forget is that writing is a job, just like any other. Admittedly it’s a fun, challenging, rewarding job – but never make the mistake of thinking that it’s too far removed from what you do during your day job.

Professional writers and novelists know this. They treat their love of writing as a viable business and they plan ways to keep the creative juices flowing even on days where inspiration might be running low.

So how do you keep your motivation levels high?

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So many writers feel as though they can’t read books by other writers while they’re creating their own masterpiece. They don’t want the distraction creeping in to prey on their confidence levels.

The point of reading a lot of different books by various writers is that you’ll learn to understand how to spot a lemon at 20 paces. You’ll begin to notice dialogue that doesn’t sound like real speech and you’ll spot plot-holes large enough to drive a car through.

By reading more, you’re teaching your mind valuable writing skills. Gaining an understanding of what moved you or made you laugh goes a long way into improving your own skills. You’ll also keep your mind fresh as you learn to look at your own work with a different level of objectivity.

Change Genres

If you’re working on a novel-length work then your mind may decide it wants to take a break. Nothing you do seems to get the motivation flowing. Forcing yourself to continue working on a section of your novel when your mind is on strike simply won’t work.

Take a little time out from your main project and work on a short story in a completely different genre. Give your mind a way to relax and have a little fun. This break away from the pressure of writing a longer piece can often be a great way to bring back the motivation for your bigger project.

Mix It Up

Where is it written that you must write your novel from beginning to end in order? If you’re struggling with one section, skip ahead and write something else that interests you instead. You can always come back to the part you missed later.

Walk It Through

When you feel as though your motivation has deserted you, take time out and go for a walk. It doesn’t need to be a power-walk or a fitness related thing. Simply go outside away from your computer and walk around.

Let your mind roam and think about your story. Picture your characters getting through the plot and overcoming the obstacles you put before them.

Love What You’re Writing

There’s no bigger motivation killer than trying to write something that doesn’t inspire you. There are so many stories from writers all over the world who sat down to write a romance novel when they have no interest in romance because they thought they’d have a better chance of getting it published.

What those writers learned is that if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing you’ll either burn out or you’ll grow bored. Even worse, your lack of enjoyment will show through in your writing style and editors will notice that your novel isn’t as fresh or alive as it should be.



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