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  Writing with Confidence
by Lee Masterson

There are literally thousands of fledgling authors around the world, all waiting for their masterpieces to be discovered and made into bestsellers, all toiling laboriously at their prized manuscript. Yet many of these tentative writers lack confidence in their own work.

Many require constant reassurance that their work is good. Some even need to feel validated that they are striving for a worthwhile goal. Many also need to hear the praise from family and friends that will boost their nervousness back into inspired confidence.

Yet if these same writers took just a moment to praise their own work, or their efforts, once in a while, a new-found pride in their talent will begin to emerge.

Too often I have heard writers complain that they have not written as profoundly or as profitably as their own favorite author. I have also witnessed self-pity as the fledgling writer considers his own work to be beneath his idol's standards.

When a writer compares himself to another, he plays down his own accomplishments and sees others in a far brighter light than they often deserve.

Too many of us grew up believing that if we blow our own trumpets we'll be viewed as ego-maniacal self-centered big-headed twerps. For this reason, most people will never let themselves - aloud or privately - take pride in their own achievements. There is always someone else to point at so we can say, "She did it better", or "He's written twenty more than me."

Remember, though, those veterans in the publishing world started somewhere once too.

So instead of focusing on things you have yet to accomplish, take a moment to congratulate yourself for that particularly fine descriptive passage you wrote, or that wonderfully empathetic character only you could have created.

Take pride in what you have achieved - even if it seems trivial to you - and admit that you'll never accomplish all you want to as a writer. Accept that there will always be new ideas, new horizons, or new markets to explore, and one person can only do so much.

Most importantly, believe in yourself and the uniqueness of your own work. Write for the love of creating beautiful prose and for the simple joy of writing itself. Write only to please yourself, with no thought of being judged or criticized.

Your writing will reflect the pleasure you received, thus pleasing those who will come to read your work later on. Then praise yourself for achieving a state of being able to enjoy your work.

You'll be amazed at the confidence you gain, and it is that confidence which will soon become evident in the quality of work you churn out.

Who knows? You might just surprise yourself with the opportunities that suddenly become available.

Copyright 2000-2001 Lee Masterson. All rights reserved


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