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  Below is the email received by Tina Morgan and Ciara Grey from Bawn Literary Agency, noting their acceptance of the manuscript "Lords of Kalon" and the Bawn Literary Agency FAQ (below)

(exact copy of email received May 18, 2001)
Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to review "Lords of Kalon".   Now we would like to represent your work and welcome you to BAWN Publishers Literary Agency's family.  As your agents we will handle all negotiations with publishers, producers, studios, and networks, etc. in your behalf for the expressed purpose of the acquisition of your work.

We have begun making queries to producers concerning your project.  Our concern is that you get the most exposure for your hard work and efforts. Remember TIMING is everything.  To save time, to get the submission process started immediately, fax the pages 1,2 and 6 (notary page), along with your one paragraph synopsis to (513) 759-6299 followed by the full contract in regular mail.

Please read the enclosed FAQ

If you have any questions feel free to call us at any time at 513-759-6288
fax 513-759-6299 or via e-mail at  Our website address is


Willie E. & Beverly A. Nason, Agents
Enclosures: General Contract and information

Frequently Asked Questions

Although our electronic responses and our literature explain the policies and practices of our agency, many authors still have questions. In an attempt to provide all the information you need prior to submitting to us, we have created this list of frequently asked questions, for you. Direct additional questions or comments to "".

Do you have a list of people I can call to ask them about their projects or your agency?
It is our policy to not share our list of clients, primarily due to the confidentiality clause contained in our contract. Just as we do not want to accept unsolicited manuscripts, we are equally sensitive to sharing phone numbers and addresses of our clients. However, below are a few of the most recent projects of the successful authors we represent. It shows the diversity of projects we market and represent and are able to place.
Those who suggest that clients participate in marketing their businesses, especially in this global internet climate, by receiving potentially thousands of calls or emails from authors seeking representation, clearly are not being realistic.

Novel - "Coal of the Heart" by George Foster - Skylark Films - Mystery
Novel - "Scribes, Scouts, Saints and Sinners" by John Diether - Solid Rock Entertainment
Non-fiction - "Unemployment in the New Millennium" by Anthony Stith - Warwick Publishing
Non-fiction - "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" by Anthony Stith - Warwick Publishing
Non-fiction - "Pontiac-They Build Excitement" by Thomas A. Bonsall - Stony Run Press
Non-fiction - "More Than They Promised" by Thomas A. Bonsall - Stanford University Press - ' 99
Non-fiction - "Sleuthing the Divine" by Dr. Kevin L. Sharpe - Augsburg Fortress Press - Oxford, England - ' 99
Literary Fiction - "Different Worlds" by Kenneth Hanson - CPC Entertainment
Screenplay - "Poof" by Grits Carter & Willie Nason - Solid Rock Entertainment
Treatment - "Flight Of A Lifetime" - by Willie and Beverly Nason - Vin Di Bona Prods.
Non-fiction (Memoirs) - "Question of Innocence" by Dr. Lawrence Spiegel Screenplay - "Running Scared" - by David Abrams - CPC Entertainment
Screenplay - "Black Wall Street by Willie E. & Beverly A. Nason
Ethnic Fiction - "Mostly Womenfolk and a Man or Two" by Mignon Holland Anderson
Screenplay & Short Film - "Our Father" - by Shawn Scott - Produced by Blind
Squirrel Productions, & ABC - Aired, January 15, 2001- Nominated for 5 Emmy's and an AFTRA Award.
Novel - The End of Dying - Mignon Holland Anderson - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - Addicted to You - Thadine Quick - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - And God Loved - Christopher S. Alexander - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - A Mirrored Edge - Susan Mitchell - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - Samethia's Vision - Pamela R. Calvin - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - The Guys - Jaime Feliciano - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - Eden's Last Sunrise - Dwight Evans - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel - The Kill List - Troy Kerry - 2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers
Novel/Short stories  - Augereberry Point - Charles J. Labee -2002 - AmeriHouse Publishers.

How long have you been in business?
BAWN Publishers Inc. has been in business for 9 years. However, the cofounder of BAWN has been representing screenwriters since 1987. Our negotiation skills, our contacts, and our individual communication with editors were the catalysts to our accepting novels. If you are looking for a large company to represent you, you have the wrong one. If you are looking for someone whose sale of your book or screenplay is mutually important, you have the right company.

Are you listed in the Literary Marketplace?

Are you signatory with the Writers Guild?
Membership with the Writers Guild is optional for agents, not the law. We have never had a producer reject our submission or failed to listen to our pitch because we did not belong to the Guild.

Are you members of AAR writers association?
It is not a requirement, nor does being a non-member of the organization limit our ability to successfully put our clients' projects in the hands of all the publishing houses. It has never been a problem for us to have our manuscripts read/reviewed and published by any major book publisher, in the
US or UK.

Do you charge reading fees?
No. We do not charge reading fees. Commission from the sale of your project
generates our income only.

Does your agency charge for sending submissions?
Yes. You will incur expenses, if we decide to represent your project. Those expenses include the inevitable - time, postage, photocopying, faxes, telegrams, long distance calls and travel (if required) on your behalf. Some agents set up a fund up front to take care of these expenses; some take them out of any payment due to the agent (commission plus expenses), and some send you a monthly statement. We have developed a payment plan, to assist clients with these expenditures. Realize however that this plan differs on an individual basis. If a sale is made before a month is up, your expenditures would be deducted from the sales. If there is not an immediate sale, we send a monthly list of submissions made on your behalf.

Can I have the expenses deducted from the sale, rather than pay monthly?
Yes and No. Very rarely do we work on speculation. Yes, if you have been published in the last three years by a major publishing house and were considered a best-seller, or if a studio or producer has recently acquired your work. Yes, if you have created a work that is unique, original, highly sought after and obviously a guaranteed sale; yes, if a publisher or editor has already requested the project. If those or similar circumstances are nonexistent, our preference is to settle the expenses monthly, as you are up-dated, until a sale is made.

Can you give me an approximation of what my monthly expenses will be?
If we automatically knew exactly how many publishers and/or producers were going to request your material in advance, then the answer would be yes. However, the different sizes of manuscripts and the number of queries, play an important role, as well as other variables in the amount of expenses, therefore the payment plan.

This is where BAWN's "Payment Plan"*  has many advantages.  It avoids any speculation on monthly expenses and allows you to set a budget you can live with. With this plan you pay only  one amount each month. Previously, with our other payment process, when we have gone over and above what is allotted for each client, the client had to either pay the entire amount or cut-back on the number of submissions we were allowed to make.  With the new payment plan, you pay only one amount each and every month, during the entire length of the contract.  Now if we do go over the plan payment amount, BAWN gladly picks up the difference, at no additional cost to you.  Getting your manuscript and/or screenplay read by as many editors and/or producers as possible is more important to us.  Our money is made when a sale is made.

"If you are looking for free representation, we are not for you"

*The Payment Plan is included with the contract for representation.

Does your agency represent first-time authors?
Yes. Many great authors and best-sellers have succeeded because someone read
their works, encouraged them, and gave them a chance to show their talents. We know there are still a lot of best-sellers and Oscar-winning movies out there.

Is your success in placing other projects an indication of what I can expect
for mine?

No.  Many authors are under the wrong impression as to what an agent's success with other projects indicate. As an aspiring author, please keep in mind that success with others has no bearing on the potential success of your work. Each project must stand on its own.

How many submissions are sent out at one time and how often?
The number and frequency of submissions depend on the manuscript. We may start by sending out 5-10 submissions monthly, but each case is different.

If I have questions about your author-agent agreement, what should I do?
When we offer you an author-agent agreement, we encourage you to ask questions. Many times we can make amendments to the contract. After all, it's an agreement on how we will work to get your works published and/or produced.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Yes. We ask that you simply indicate in your query that your submission has been sent to other agents, publishers, or producers.

Do you offer other services?
We do everything we can to get your works published. Our other services include help with researching your market or opening up a market for you. This is at no additional charge to you.

We offer other services at a competitive fee.  Those include translation services, editing services, and critiquing (critiquing is offered through the Writers Association Only.

Is my work protected?
Your work is automatically protected under the Copyright Laws. Authors are the initial owners of copyright. Copyright is a property right that remains with the author. Formal registration is neither required nor necessary. However, if you're more comfortable with the formalities, contact Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20559, and U.S.A, for more registration and copyright information in the United States.



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