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Welcome to the Fiction Factor Affiliate Program - a free partnership that allows you to make money from your website - just by linking to our books. Application is quick and easy. We use ClickBank to handle our secure transactions. Once approved, you will be able to begin building links and earning commissions in a matter of minutes. Of course, if you already have a ClickBank Nickname, you can begin creating your sales links right now, by clicking here

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Once you have joined, you will be sent back to this page. The following links point to pages that are designed to help you make sales links and to help you increase your affiliate income.

Take some time to browse through some of the suggestions. Feel free to
email me with any further ideas or suggestions you may have.

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How do I Join?
Simply click on the link that says "Join Now!", below. You will be taken to ClickBank's site to enter your payment details. ClickBank will help you to set up your first sales links and then send you back to this page.

By joining the affiliate group using the link below it is assumed that the affiliate has agreed to the affiliate rules, as shown on the
Frequently Asked Questions page.

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