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How Long Should Your Story Be?
by Lee Masterson
A quick guide on estimated word counts and story lengths for all kinds of stories!

The Secret Formula for Writing a Best-Selling Novel
by Lee Masterson
Is there a secret formula for writing novels? Can it be taught?

Beating Writer's Block
by Lee Masterson
Understanding a little about why writers become 'blocked' can often help to break through the dreaded Writer's Block

Seven Steps to Publishing Success
by Lee Masterson
Getting published is just the beginning. Creating success is where the hard work comes in.

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity
by Lee Masterson
Prolific writers all have one thing in common - they WRITE a lot. Now you can learn to churn out more writing than ever before!

Excuses, Excuses... How to Guarantee Failure as a Writer
by Lee Masterson
Writers who are likely not to succeed really do have a few things in common. Find out if you are one of them!

Editing Made Easy
by Lee Masterson
Polishing your work to a professional standard is easy, once you learn where to begin the editing process.

Writing a Great Short Story
by Lee Masterson
Some shorter stories manage to leave a lingering impression on readers long after the final word was written. Others leave readers with the feeling that they have missed the point entirely. So how do you strike a balance between writing an effective, memorable short story and creating a short, aimless length of prose?

Winning Writing Contests
by Lee Masterson
Entering writing contests is a great way to gain confidence and increase your published credits, but how do you increase your chances of winning?

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