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Affiliate Promotion Suggestions

Promoting Your Affiliate Links

Simply joining an affiliate group will not bring in the dollars. Your visitors will need to know that you are offering products for sale - without the risk of seeming like you are only out to empty their wallets. There are lots of great ways to do this.

A lot of people will remain wary of a book or product until they have some kind of verification that it will be worth their time and money. A simple, honest recommendation, either in an ezine or on a website, followed by a text link to the page showing more information, can often be the gentle push a potential customer needed to make the sale.
(You can see how to create a text link for your affiliate sales

For example: One of our affiliates wrote a short editorial for her own ezine. She included a hearty recommendation for my ebook. Needless to say, my sales figures went up - and so did her affiliate commission cheque!

Book Reviews
Many buyers don't like to part with their hard-earned cash unless they have some assurance that they will receive value for money. What better way to reassure potential customers than to review the products you want them to buy? After all, your own website visitors or ezine readers already know you and rely on your judgment.

For example: One of our top affiliates generates most of her sales by displaying honest "Book Reviews". She tells her own readers what she liked about the book, tells them a little about what it contains and who it might benefit - and then she adds her affiliate link at the bottom of the review.

Let's face it - people surf the internet in search of information. What better way to attract more visitors than by offering more information? We have made available several articles that you may add to your site - but there is a catch. Any article you use must remain in its entirety (unchanged!) and must include the full author bio at the foot of the article.

How does this help your sales? Simply remove MY affiliate sales link from the bio and replace it with your own - then, if anyone buys a book after reading one of my articles, YOU get paid!

You can find the article
Vault here

We do have some promotional banners available, if you wish to display a banner on your website. Remember to place your own affiliate sales link behind the banner so that you get the credit for any sales.

Please DO NOT link directly to our server. Please copy the banner of your choice and save it to your OWN server. Any webmasters caught stealing bandwidth this way will be banned from the affiliate network.

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