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Affiliate Set Up Options

Setting Up Your Sales Links

You will need to have a clickbank account to become an affiliate (it's free)

Click here to become a ClickBank member

Clickbank will sign you up with your free account and then send you back to the main affiliate page.

You will be asked by Clickbank to create a "nickname". Keep this nickname handy, as you will need it to create your affiliate links - and remember, our Merchant Nickname is 'fiction'.

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Hiding Your Affiliate Links
Some people have a strange aversion to clicking on affiliate links. For this reason, webmasters have found lots of ways to hide affiliate links.

The most obvious way to disguise your affiliate link is to insert the link behind text, like this:

<a href="
Nickname/fiction">Click here to learn more</a>

Simply place that line of code inside your webpage's HTML. Here is what the above code should look like on a web page.
Click here to learn more

If you hover your mouse over the link, you will notice the intended destination will appear in the bottom left hand corner of most browsers. You can also hide this quite easily, by adding another line of code to your existing link.

<a href="
Nickname/fiction" onmouseover="window.status='Write a Best Seller Today!';return true;" onmouseout="window.status=' ';return true;"> Click here to learn more</a>

Here is what the above line of code should look like on a webpage:
Click here to learn more

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