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Affiliate Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Affiliate Program?

Basically, our affiliate program is a way for webmasters to earn a little extra money from their own websites by introducing visitors to our books.

Each time someone buys something from us, YOU receive 40% of the profit as our way of thanking you for helping to make that sale.

Who Can Join?
Almost anybody may become an affiliate, provided the following rules are adhered to.

1) Fiction Factor and Desert Star Publishing products may not be advertised on any websites or in any mailing lists containing the following:

- - Pornography, Warez, hacker/cracker, hate content, any material of an illegal or questionable nature

2) Links to products may be posted in opt-in mailing lists only - spamming (bulk mailing to strangers) will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate agreement and notify your ISP if accusations of spamming are verified.

3) Affiliates may not display our products in pop-up, pop-under or pop-out windows.

How Much Will I Earn?
We pay a generous 40% commission on profits of sales produced from your affiliate link.

Why isn't my Commission Exactly 40% of the Sale Price?
We use ClickBank to process our secure transactions. Please be aware that every transaction incurs a processing fee from ClickBank of $1 + 7.5% of every sale. The commission is then calculated on the remaining figure.

How Often Will I Get Paid?
ClickBank will send you a check every two weeks, as long as your totals have reached their minimum requirement. More information about check minimum totals can be found by logging into your ClickBank account.

How do I Create Sales Links?
We have several options available
here, including creating text links, banners and brief classified ads.

How do I Promote my Affiliate Links?
We have provided a section containing some suggestions for increasing your affiliate sales
here. Please come back to visit often, as we will be updating and adding new resources regularly.

How do I Join?
Simply click on the link that says "
Join Now". You will be taken to ClickBank's site to enter your payment details. ClickBank will help you to set up your first sales links and then send you back to this page.

By joining the affiliate group using the link below it is assumed that the affiliate has agreed to the affiliate rules.

Join Now!

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