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About Us

Tina Morgan, Ciara Grey and Lee Masterson began Fiction Factor together after noticing that there were no ezines dedicated solely to the craft of writing fiction (at that time). Almost all other writing ezines and magazines try to cater to all writers across quite a broad specturm. They simply wanted to cater for the fiction writing niche and be able to help new writers to learn a little about the publishing world and improve their writing at the same time.

Since the original Fiction Factor ezine began, it has grown immensely, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every month and gaining the support and friendship of many people along the way.

The original ezine has undergone some major changes, and we have since expanded to become the Fiction Factor Group - which includes 7 new sister sites aside from the original Fiction Factor;
Fantasy Factor, Sci-Fi Factor, Children's FictionFactor, Romance Factor, Horror Factor, Christian Fiction Factor and Erotica Factor.

More recently, the Fiction Factor Group launched a new ezine, focused entirely on Freelance Writing. In keeping with the "factor" theme, we appropriately named the new ezine "
Freelance Factor".

Both Tina and Lee have had work accepted and published in many publications - both online and offline - all around the world. This includes fiction and non-fiction writing. Their non-fiction articles on writing can also be found on many websites. You can read their individual author bios here:
Staff Biogaphies

Many of the ideas for articles come from emails we receive from readers. We also have our own
forum, where we also try to address problems or questions from our readers. If a reader asks a question about writing or publishing or book promotion, we will do our best to research the information and present it as quickly as possible as a new article. The forum is also a great place to meet other people who understand the life of a writer - so come and join us on the forum today!

The four staff members of the Fiction Factor Group proudly offer the ezines free to the public, but we gain our funding by way of sales of writing-related products shown throughout the sites and newsletters. (so don't forget to help us keep Fiction Factor free to the public by supporting our excellent sponsors!) The staff do what they do for the love of writing - but most importantly, for the amazingly helpful insights they also receive into their own individual writing careers.

You can learn all about the Fiction Factor Staff Members here: Staff Biogaphies

Fiction Factor has won many awards for its contributions to the literary field - including being a Writer's Digest Top 101 site (2001, 2003, 2004,2005,2006). The site has also featured on many other writing sites, in one form or another.

You can read The Essence Ezine's review of Fiction Factor here: Review

One side-effect of running a popular website and ezine is the added notoriety the four editors have received. Not only do editors take their writing work more seriously now, but other writers are keen to learn more about how they did it, what they write and why they do it.

You can read an interview with Lee Masterson here: Interview

As the ladies publish electronic magazines, it seemed silly to ignore the idea of electronic book publishing. So Lee ventured into the world of electronic publishing to test the waters. Those waters were more than fine and now the ladies are happy advocates of e-publishing. You can see Lee's and Tina's ebooks here: Ebooks

Aside from working on Fiction Factor, Tina and Ciara write as a partnership - one they call Stygian Writings. All work produced from their collaboration comes under this banner. They have their own personal space on the 'net, too, away from the pressures of Fiction Factor. Check it out!
You can visit Tina and Ciara's personal author's site here:
Stygian Writings


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